What makes New Zealand Blackcurrant stand out?

A recent study conducted by the Crop and Food Research Institute pointed out that the New Zealand Black currant variety famous as ‘ Ben Ard’ contains more than 700 mg/100 gm of anthocyanin which is significantly more than the 250-500mg/100g found in the European blackcurrant. Anthocyanin pigments and polyphenolics give any fruit its rich and vibrant color. Their abundant existent in the New Zealand Blackcurrant gives them a rich; lustrous color making them stand apart from black currents from Europe and Asia.


New Zealand Black currants have also been discovered to be significantly more resistant to pests when compared to other black currants. This ensures a healthier, longer lasting produce. This is also the main reason behind the rapid increase in the popularity of the black currant in the local and international markets. New Zealand is the world leader in production of environmentally friendly pest management for the produce of blackcurrant.

The advantages of New Zealand Black Currant

Black currants have traditionally been used in the cure for arthritis and spasmodic coughs. They are rich in anthocyanin and polyphenols which have found a very interesting place in the cure of heart diseases, Alzheimer and certain types of cancer.

One of the most recent researches point out that anthocyanin found in plenty in the New Zealand blackcurrant helps combat mental fatigue or stress. New Zealand black currants are increasing in demand in the health conscious markets as the delicious stress buster! Regular consumption of New Zealand Black currants or blackcurrant extracts help establish a flavorful and healthy lifestyle rich in the intake of vitamins and minerals and traditionally tried and tested nutritional properties.


New Zealand and Blackcurrants


Thanks for reading. I thought of starting my first post telling about black currants and NZ connection. I love  blackcurrant, hence this first post 🙂

One of the most astounding facts about New Zealand Black currants is that they have an annual production of approximately 12, 00 tonnes! What is the real story behind New Zealand Black currants? Why are they becoming more and more popular as a superior quality of blackcurrant? And more importantly, what is it that truly differentiates them from the regular black currants worldwide?

The History of Black currants

While New Zealand Black currants seem to be storming the world, the truth is that black currants originated in the monastery gardens of Russia. Towards the later part of the 17th century Europe started cultivating the ‘king of berries’ for its distinctive aroma and taste and also for its herbal and nutritional value.

During the extreme days of World War II, fruits like oranges which are rich in vitamin C became scarce in the United kingdom. It was during this time that the British Government zeroed in on the vitamin enriched blackcurrant and encouraged its cultivation throughout the kingdom.


Ever since then the blackcurrant has journeyed across the globe to find the most favorable conditions in New Zealand. Today, New Zealand black currants are famous for their enhanced flavors, their rich content of vitamins, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium and other minerals. One of the core reasons for the favorable growth of blackcurrant in New Zealand is the ample sunlight and existence of moist soil which favor the growth of this wonderful shrub.

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