So Many Good Reasons to love the Kumara


I’ve said I’m a vegetarian so the kumara, a root vegetable known as a sweet potato, and and a staple with New Zealand’s indigenous Maori people, has become a firm favourite with me. The sem-tropical regions in the North Island are perfect for growing the kumara, and what I love, is that it is a cheap way to eat, while still knowing it comes with loads of health benefits. There are 3 types of kumara – the orange one which is the sweetest, the gold one and also the red kumara which is the one New Zealanders are most familiar with. Kumara wedges in a pot-luck dish are always going to be a firm favourite if you’re entertaining, but do some research on the Internet, and you’ll see how many awesome recipes there are where you can add these marvellous potatoes.

As a matter of fact, I ate them at a friend’s house and she had air fried them. I just fell in love with the taste, and needless to say, wanted to immediately buy an air fryer, but man! it was expensive. But I just could not stop myself, and applied for the money via Pay day loans, and now I am a proud owner of a airfryer. I am enjoying air fried dishes everyday now.

Kumara - densely packed with nutrients

Not only do I absolutely love the taste of sweet potatoes, have you seen how healthy they are? They are a superb source of vitamin A, vitamin C, copper, manganese, pantothenic acid, and vitamin B6, all the things that are so important for wellbeing. It doesn’t surprise me that the kumara has become a sought after ingredient in contemporary Kiwi cuisine. For all its goodness, you’ll find that many health conscious Kiwi’s have replaced their regular roast potatoes with the kumara.