Cameron Blockhouse – The old and Haunted in New Zealand

The Haunted house in New Zealand

One of the most haunted places in New Zealand is the Cameron Blockhouse in Wanganui. It is made of timber and was made during the New Zealand wars. It was originally built by a farmer named John Cameron for his family to take refuge.

War never reached the house and it remained there undisturbed. The house making is witness to many such structures which were quickly built during the war. It was made bullet proof by packing clay between two wooden walls. There were occasional slits for counter fire option. It is one of the surviving structures from the era of New Zealand wars and known as the most haunted house in the area.

In spite of being untouched by war, John Cameron never could meet his family again after the war. When he came after the war he experienced some supernatural being in the house. His wife and kids were nowhere to be seen. There is a popular story that this house is visited by aliens and ghosts. This is double trouble isn’t it? Locals say that they see a candle being lit every night and when one of the brave ones investigated there was no one. It is not advisable to stay at this eerie location after light fades and night falls.

The look of the house is such that it changes color with times. It looks brick-red during the day but as evening arrives it takes a distinctive gray color. One episode of Supernatural was supposed to be filmed here, but something happened and they canceled it. My experience at this site was scary. Let me know your experience !