Hokey Pokey Ice Cream – The Flavour of New Zealand

Hokey pokey ice cream

As a vegetarian, I normally eat a healthy diet filled with fruits and vegetables. However, sometimes everyone needs a little indulgence. Hokey pokey ice cream is a sweet treat that is virtually unknown outside of NZ but is the second most popular flavor for Kiwis. In fact, Hokey Pokey ice cream can be considered genuine Kiwiana. This unique ice cream flavor consists of vanilla ice cream filled with bits of crispy, chewy honeycomb toffee. The taste is similar to caramel, but with a unique, crunchy texture. The origin of the Hokey Pokey flavor is unknown, but the phrase “Hokey Pokey” is actually an old term for ice cream, dating back to the early days of ice cream street vendors. At the New Zealand Ice Cream Awards, Hocky Pokey ice cream wins award often. The past two years, popular brand Tip Top’s version has taken home the top prize. There are also many recipes available to make your own version of this delicious specialty.