Best recipe for seafood marinara soup


Seafood marinara soup, or chowder as it is also known, is usually made in different ways throughout the globe, according to local ingredients and how easily available seafood is to that location. Peter Gordon, one of New Zealand’s most executive chefs, says a good seafood marinara soup recipe is full of preferences. He recommends frying in butter, instead of oil and adding bacon lardons, as well as using creme fraise with a little coconut milk for an exotic but creamy spin on the dish. Techniques every home cook should know about, when it comes to cooking that perfect seafood chowder, he or she should use good quality and well-washed shellfish and not use vegetables that would discolour a cream soup, such as carrots. It can be made with chopped tomatoes or cream. Adding a nice blend of herbs such as parsley and dill at the end will never fail to give your soup that extra sensual flavour that it deserves. Using extra cream to thicken is also advisable, as rice flour or any thickening flour could go lumpy and ruin a good attempt at making that perfect, delicious marinara.